Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

i will live. not just survive

He left you didn't he? After telling you everything that you wanted to hear. He made you feel loved and needed, more than a girl could dream of. You told each other that you loved one another. He texted you first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. He seemed perfect, up until he broke your heart. He started to send you short replies. He stopped talking to you in the hallways. You are hoping in your heart that it is just temporary, but if it isn't, you want him to tell you, so that you can stop wasting your time. You cared about him so much, but he left you waiting, waiting for him to change his mind and go back to you. But he never did. You only realize how much you loved him, when you watch him like someone else. Each night you go to bed you're proud of yourself for surviving another day without him. You're having a hard time. He betrayed you. he broke you. You miss how happy you were with him. When everyone asks you what's wrong, you tell them it's nothing, cause you know if you tell them, they will only pretend to understand. No one really will. They will hear your words, but they won't listen to what you're saying. Just remember that the pain you are feeling is inevitable, but the suffering is optional. It ist hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember. But don't let him bring you down. Don't give him the joy and the satisfaction. You'll be okay. He doesn't really care if you're miserable, so you might as well be happy. Stay strong and show him that you don't need him, and that he meant as little to you as you did to him. Good things fall apart, so better things can fall together. So keep your head high, your chin up and keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much more to smile about.

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